My First Post

Welcome to my first post about my social life.

Whats my problem with social media?

I wanted to start this blog in order to come to terms with the fact that i have an addiction to social media.

So what’s an addict? “An enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity.” This is definitely me. I am an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook devotee through and through. I dread to think how many hours i have spent scrolling through the best bits of other people’s lives, because that’s all social media is – the highlights of people’s lives. People rarely expose the down times in their life on social media, nor should they have to – it’s private. But what remains true is that constantly seeing the highlights of your ‘friends’ life leads you to compare yourself to others and why you’re not experiencing the same highs that they are. When in fact they’re probably sat on the sofa in their pj’s thinking the same thing about their ‘friends’.

Social media has been effecting me in more ways than that though, my confidence levels have taken a hit constantly comparing myself to the filters everyone uses on their photos to create a ‘perfect’ image of themselves even though the photo was probably just as nice in the first place. Why do we do this to ourselves and others? Why represent ourselves as something we’re not? Why not just be happy in our own skin?

So what have i done about it?

This morning 24/01/17 i took a huge step and deleted my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram apps on my phone. I have not deleted my accounts (yet) because i think that’s a step i’m not ready to take yet. But i have taken the first step and already i have massively reduced my time i’m spending on there, i’m not scrolling whilst watching TV or talking to my parents. I appreciate this isn’t for everyone and not everyone will understand why i’m doing this but i used to spend hours scrolling through and it has really effected my outlook on life, so this is something i need to do.  I’m not saying i’m going to completely cut social media out my life, I think I need to reduce the time i spend on their in order to rebuild my social norms and regain some confidence.


Please support my on my journey,

Much love,